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Workplace Coaching

At Dyslexia Solutions, we specialise in providing tailored coaching for adults in the workplace. Our bespoke approach is rooted in empowerment; we harness your unique strengths to tackle areas for improvement, ensuring the coaching meets the priorities set out by both you and your line manager.


Our coaching can extend across a wide spectrum, but what we concentrate on largely depends on the specific demands of your job. Frequently, we delve into aspects like:

  • Organisational strategies.

  • Time management techniques.

  • Self-advocacy tactics.

  •  Written communication skills, specifically for tasks like drafting emails and report writing.

  • Proofreading

  • We offer support for spelling words that are fundamental to your role within the workplace.

  • Reading strategies designed to help you navigate through your professional documents with ease.

  • Using Assistive Technology in the workplace. 

Support can be provided through the Access-to-Work scheme; this is for employed individuals and self-employed.  Alternatively, sometimes the employer pays directly.

More information on Access to Work, click here.

Please contact us for more information regarding workplace coaching and to arrange a complimentary initial discussion via Zoom.

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