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Unlocking Potential:
Why We Are the Most Experienced Dyslexia Assessors in the Area
 When it comes to dyslexia assessment, finding the right professionals to understand and support individuals with this learning difference is crucial. At our practice, we take great pride in being the leading dyslexia assessors in the area. With over two decades of experience, Sarah and Cathy possess the knowledge, expertise, and compassion needed to empower those with dyslexia and other neuro diversities. Let's explore the reasons why we stand out among the rest. 

1.     Unmatched Experience: Sarah brings over 20 years of invaluable experience to the table, making her a true expert in the field. Her extensive knowledge has been honed through countless assessments, allowing her to deeply understand the unique challenges faced by individuals with dyslexia. Additionally, Cathy has over nine years of experience, further solidifying our practice as a trusted authority.

2.     Accredited Professionals: Both Sarah and Cathy hold an APC Certificate demonstrating their commitment to professional standards and ethical practices. This certificate requires a rigorous process that ensures their expertise and competence in providing dyslexia assessments. Their dedication to maintaining this accreditation ensures that every assessment is conducted with the utmost professionalism and accuracy.

3.     Caring and Understanding Approach: We understand that dyslexia affects individuals in different ways, and it's essential to approach each assessment with empathy and compassion. Sarah and Cathy are not only highly skilled professionals but also individuals who personally understand the challenges of dyslexia and other neuro diversities. Their personal experiences allow them to connect with clients on a deeper level, creating a safe and supportive environment for assessment.

4.     Comprehensive Understanding of Specific Learning Difficulties: In addition to dyslexia, our team is highly experienced in recognizing and understanding other specific learning difficulties. This expertise enables us to identify and address any additional learning challenges an individual may be facing, ensuring a holistic approach to assessment and support.

5.     Recognised Reports: Our reports hold significant weight within local authorities and are trusted by many schools. The thoroughness, accuracy, and professionalism of our assessments have earned us a reputation for excellence. Schools and educational institutions rely on our reports to guide their understanding and provide appropriate support to their students
with dyslexia.

6.     Influence and Teacher Training: Sarah's impact goes beyond individual assessments. She has trained over 200 teachers to become dyslexia specialists, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to make a difference
in the lives of dyslexic students. Furthermore, she has set up a national course on exam Access Arrangements, ensuring that students receive the accommodations they need during exams.

7.     Flexible Payment Options: We believe that accessibility should be a priority when seeking dyslexia assessment services. To accommodate our clients' needs, we offer a variety of payment options and payment plans, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder access to our expert services.
Choosing the right dyslexia assessor can make a world of difference in the lives of individuals with dyslexia. With Sarah's extensive experience, Cathy's expertise, their APC certificates, and their compassionate approach, we offer a level of service that is unrivaled in the area. Our reports are recognized by local authorities and trusted by schools, while our commitment to accessibility ensures that everyone can benefit from our services. Unlock your potential with us, the leading dyslexia assessors dedicated to helping you thrive.

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