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Full Dyslexia assessment for children, adults and DSA applications

Both Sarah and Cathy are qualified to assess adults and children.

Dyslexia Assessment 

What does a Dyslexia assessment entail?

A Dyslexia assessment, whether for children or adults, involves a series of tests. These measure spelling, writing, reading, and numeracy skills, along with memory, processing speed, and phonological awareness. Lasting about three hours, we, as seasoned assessors, aim to provide a relaxed yet professional setting to ease any stress and ensure a positive and empowering experience for everyone.

What happens post-assessment?

After the assessment, a detailed report outlining the findings and suggesting suitable learning support strategies is prepared. If dyslexia is not detected or a report isn't needed, the client can forgo the report, paying only for the deposit and assessment, thus saving £150. The report is drafted and sent via email to the client within 21 working days. On receiving the report, a follow-up meeting can be arranged if needed.

Where do assessments take place, and with whom?  

Sarah offers comprehensive assessments from her Orpington residence and via Zoom. If you'd prefer the session to take place at a school, this can be organised for a small additional fee. The all-inclusive price for Sarah's detailed assessment and report, including a Zoom feedback session, is £575. Sarah also offers assessments one a month on a Sunday at £625. 

Parents are welcome to stay with their children in the assessment room.

Cathy conducts assessments from her office in a Central Croydon Business Centre. The total cost for a full assessment with Cathy is £525. While she typically provides feedback on the same day, a follow-up telephone call can be arranged if needed. Cathy works Monday – Friday and offers appointments at 9.30 and 1.30. Parents are free to wait in the business centre during the assessment.

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DSA assessment

A DSA assessment is required before a student goes to university if they do not have a previous diagnosis completed by an assessor with a Practising Certificate (APC).

A DSA assessment involves a full dyslexia assessment covering underlying ability, cognitive processing, and attainment. The report is written in a style that will be accepted by Student Finance England, and recommendations for study are provided.

Assessments can be conducted face-to-face or remotely. An assessment with Sarah costs £575 during the week or £635 on a Sunday. Sarah conducts assessments from her home in Orpington and remotely.

An assessment with Cathy at her business centre in Croydon is £525.

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Diagnostic Assessment for 7 and 8 years olds 

Not suitable for DSA or EHCP purposes. This assessment is only conducted by Sarah in Orpington face-to-face.


The assessment is specifically tailored for children aged 7 and 8. At this tender age, diagnosing dyslexia can often be challenging. Hence, this shorter report and assessment serve as an excellent initial step towards identifying potential dyslexia while providing a current overview of the child's strengths and weaknesses. Regardless of the results, we suggest a follow-up assessment approximately three years later.


The output is a precise summary report consisting of around 15 pages. It encapsulates test results, a thorough conclusion, and tailored recommendations for support at home and school. However, please note that this report cannot be used as evidence for DSA or EHCP applications. Some schools might prefer a more extended report, so we encourage you to consult with your child's school prior to the assessment to ensure they are satisfied with a shorter report.   Some parents may prefer to choose the full dyslexia report option at £575. They are more than welcome to but are advised that providing a formal diagnosis at this age is often hard. 

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