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SJB Assessments:
Where Expertise Meets Compassion – Your Trusted Partner in Professional  Dyslexia Assessments.

A Diagnostic Dyslexia assessment or Dyscalculia assessment is an essential part of helping individuals better understand their strengths and challenges. A diagnosis can identify the need for support and reasonable adjustments in school, university or the workplace. A diagnosis given by an Assessor holding a Practising Certificate (APC) is lifelong. It can be used to support students through the Disabled Student Allowance( DSA)  when they go to university. 

 Sarah and Cathy both hold an APC (Assessment Practising Certificate), which is a testament to their qualifications, competence, and commitment to quality. An APC underpins a specialist teacher’s qualifications and competence, enabling them to undertake full diagnostic assessments for Dyslexia and Specific Learning Difficulties. When arranging an assessment, it is important to ensure the assessor holds an APC as it is not a mandatory requirement but demonstrates a commitment to quality and an up-to-date knowledge of assessment procedures.

Assessments usually take place in Orpington, Croydon or remotely via Zoom.  We can also accommodate assessments in schools, universities, and workplaces, albeit with a nominal extra fee.

Do you want more information about the assessment process? Click on the boxes below corresponding to the specific assessment you need and watch the video clips provided.

See below for a clip of Sarah explaining about Dyslexia Assessments
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