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Dyslexia Solutions Online

Unlocking Potential, Empowering Minds:

Dyslexia Tuition Excellence

Welcome to Dyslexia Solutions Online, your trusted hub for specialist dyslexia tuition, delivered by highly qualified tutors.

All our tutors are not just experienced tutors but hold a Level 5 or 7 qualification in Dyslexia. They are DBS checked and committed to regular CPD to ensure they remain at the forefront of dyslexia education.


We believe in a tailored approach. That's why we design individualised, multi-sensory programmes that tackle our students' challenges and harness their unique strengths.


Our team may be small, but we're mighty in our dedication. Offering after-school and weekend tuition for school-attending students and daytime sessions for home-educated children, we're here to provide flexibility and support when you need it most.


We value transparency and communication. Therefore, before assigning a tutor, we ensure a comprehensive discussion with our head tutor, Sarah, followed by an introduction to your assigned tutor. This way, you can feel confident and comfortable with our choice before your child begins their learning journey.


In line with recent legal changes, our tuition business operates as an Employment Business. This means we utilise the skills of either employed or freelance tutors.    As a small business, we are proud to say we don't charge VAT on tuition. We're here to offer quality, affordable education that makes a real difference.


Welcome to Dyslexia Solutions Online. We're excited to start this journey with you. Embrace the future of learning with Dyslexia Solutions Online, where your child's potential flourishes under expert guidance.


Tuition could include:

  • A Dyslexia Literacy Programme focusing on phonics, reading, spelling and writing, alongside the development of cognitive processing skills such as working memory and phonological awareness.  

  • Study Skills for Older Students. 

  • Maths and Dyscalculia tuition. 

  • Working Memory training.

  • Workplace coaching for adults.  

Every Dyslexia Programme we offer shares certain key features, despite being tailored to each student's unique needs:

  • Our programmes are structured, comprehensive, and engage multiple senses.

  • We include a variety of activities like IT and games to reinforce learning.

  • Most often, we use a phonics programme, like Alpha to Omega or Kelly and Philips.

  • We identify and address cognitive challenges and teaching strategies for improvement.

  • Metacognition is a crucial element in helping learners develop their methods and tactics.

  • If required, we can include handwriting and touch typing.

  • We suggest homework, though it's optional.

In summary, our Dyslexia Programmes are comprehensive, flexible, and designed to optimise each student's learning journey.

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