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Dyslexia Specialist Tuition

  Dyslexia Specialist Tuition

DITTAS offers Specialist Dyslexia Tuition with qualified dyslexia tutors online.   

We design individualised multi-sensory programmes to address our students’ challenges and harness their strengths.

We have a small team of Tutors offering after school and weekend tuition for students in school and daytime sessions for home educated children.

All tutors hold formal Dyslexia Qualifications and are DBS checked.  

We never assign a tutor without a comprehensive discussion first with Sarah and then the tutor, so you can be assured you are happy with the tutor before your child starts working with them. 


To comply with recent legal changes, the tuition business is classed as an Employment Business. This means we employ or use Freelance Tutors who work under our guidance and the contract for tuition is between the parents and Dittas . We are only a small business and therefore do not charge VAT on tuition. 

Female Primary School Pupil And Teacher

Tuition could include:

A Dyslexia Literacy Programme focusing on phonics, reading, spelling and writing, alongside the development of cognitive processing skills such as working memory and phonological awareness 

Study Skills for older students 

Maths and Dyscalculia tuition 

Working Memory training 

Vocabulary Building for 11 plus 

Workplace Coaching for adults, addressing issues such as time management, organisation and literacy

Basic Skills Literacy Support for adult learners 

We also offer Speech and Language Therapy with a Qualified Speech and Language Therapist.

Although each student’s programme will be different, there are the following common features in all Dyslexia Programmes:

  • All programmes will be structured, cumulative and multi-sensory; 

  • Lessons will incorporate a range of activities including IT and games to provide over-learning;

  • In the majority of cases, a phonics programme will be followed, such as Alpha to Omega;

  • Underpinning cognitive weaknesses will be identified and strategies for improvement taught;   

  • Metacognition will form an important part of the programme and will help learners to develop their strategies and approaches;

  • Handwriting and touch typing can be incorporated if required;

  • Homework is recommended but is optional.

Online Dyslexia Support 

little boy with headset using computer,

There are many benefits to online tuition, including helping anxious children to relax more in their homes and enabling parents to watch lessons if they want to. Lessons are based on the same multisensory principles as face to face lessons as children are provided with concrete resources as well as access to Wordshark, Spellzone and TTRS. Games can be played to reinforce learning via the share screen facility.  


Many children love using a computer and lessons are interactive and give them a different feel from regular classroom teaching. They can also be more convenient for parents, as they don’t need to drop their children off and pick them up.

Children are taught to be more independent and are set tasks to complete independently on the computer after the lesson.

Regular weekly one-to-one lessons with a Dyslexia Specialist Tutor costs £57 for a 60-minute session, but we also offer shorter sessions to suit different budgets and requirements.
Most lessons take place after school or at weekends, but we also offer daytime lessons to home-educated students and those who can access Zoom during school hours for Specialist Support ( this has to be agreed upon with the school)  
The lessons include access to WORDSHARK Online, an interactive multi-sensory spelling and reading program typically costing £192 for a year's subscription. Multiple children in the family can use this subscription at no extra cost.  
Sarah, Centre Director and Senior Tutor, also offers casual one-off online sessions that can be booked using this link Cost is £65 per session.    
Online tuition is available for international students; please enquire about availability and price.


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