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Sarah Beard, Dyslexia Assessor and Tutor 


Centre Co-ordinator, Director and Independent Dyslexia Consultant


Age range - 5- to Adult, including DSA university and workplace for Assessments 

Tuition 5-adult. 


Sarah Beard is a Dyslexia Consultant with over 23  years of experience of teaching and assessing dyslexic students. She is a Director of DITTAS, which offers assessments, tuition and training.

Sarah also runs inset training courses for schools and colleges and parent workshops. she has a number of schools that employ her to assess for Exam Access Arrangements. 


Cathy, Dyslexia Assessor 

APC – Assessor for all ages, including DSA, Workplace and Exam Access Arrangements


Cathy returned to teaching over ten years ago as a result of seeing how learners with SpLDs often struggled to have their difficulties recognised.


She has now been assessing both children and adults for a number of years, including assessing for DSA, Workplace and Exam Access Arrangements. Cathy has conducted many assessments for dittas limited over a period of six years and works from a business centre In Croydon.  

Lelah, Dyslexia Tutor  

Lelah is a Freelance  Dyslexia Specialist Tutor who tutors in Orpington on a Monday evening. 

Julie, Dyslexia Tutor  

Julie is as a freelance tutor for Dittas who works her home in Petts Wood.  She specialises in teaching primary level students. 

Francesca, Touch Typing Tutor, Speech and Language Therapist  

Francesca is a Speech and Language Therapist who runs our Touch Typing lessons and works on a Saturday morning at the Warren Road Literacy and Touch Typing Club .

Colette, Literacy and Touch Typing Tutor  

Colette is a Dyslexia Specialist Teaching Assistant who runs the Saturday morning Literacy and Touch Typing Class. She also works in a secondary school with children who have Special Educational Needs.