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Terms and Conditions when booking with a SJB Assessment  Associate  

You have been informed of the fee when placing this booking.

We require an £80 deposit to secure an assessment. You will be able to pay this via Stripe   [1]


Cancellation policy 

All changes and cancellations must be notified by email to: 

and to the Associate conducting your assessment 

Cancellation charges will be applied as follows:

  • Cancellation within 14 days of a booked session - deposit only

  • See the Associate's website for cancellation charges related to assessment cancellations less than a month away 


In the case of illness or severe weather, the deposit is non-refundable, but we always do our best to reschedule although this may mean a significant wait until the next available appointment. The deposit will need to be paid again.  

Cancellation by the Assessor  

  • In the event that severe weather or any other emergency results in the cancellation of a session, the Assessor will endeavour to give clients a minimum of 24 hours’ notice* and to reschedule the assessment as soon as possible. We will refund the deposit if the new dates are not suitable.

Privacy Policy 

  • We are committed to protecting your data. Please see the privacy policy on this website. See the Associate's website regarding how long they keep reports and how they store your data.     

Disclaimer of Diagnostic Guarantee 

Please be aware that despite our best efforts and expertise, we cannot provide an absolute guarantee of a definitive diagnosis. 


Reports can take up to 21 working days to complete.  


A valid eye test conducted within the past 12 months is a prerequisite for the assessment.

Completion of both the parents' questionnaire and school questionnaire is mandatory prior to the assessment. Failure to provide these documents may result in the cancellation of the assessment.

We retain the right to cancel or reschedule the assessment if the aforementioned documents are not made available.  


[1] There is a 14 day cooling off period, after which time the deposit is non refundable[1]. If the assessment takes place within 14 days of booking the cooling off period does not apply

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