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Dyslexia Tuition

Established in 2020, Dyslexia Solutions Online (previously known as Dittas) specialises in online support for dyslexic individuals. Our team comprises of over eight qualified dyslexia specialists, all equipped with level 5 or 7 qualifications.


Embracing the digital age, we've discovered the numerous advantages of online tuition. Not only does it create a relaxed environment for anxious children, but it also gives parents the freedom to observe the lessons. With no travel involved, it reduces exhaustion for children, saves time for busy parents, and ensures lessons remain consistent, even during mild illnesses or snow days.

Our online lessons utilise powerful multisensory techniques, delivering the same quality as in-person sessions. They equip children with tangible resources and exclusive access to Wordshark and online games crafted specifically for dyslexic students. These lessons include a free annual subscription to WORDSHARK Online, typically worth £192, an engaging spelling and reading platform. What's more, all children in your family can enjoy this subscription at absolutely no extra charge.  

Through our streamlined, efficient and engaging approach, Dyslexia Solutions is committed to breaking down the barriers to learning and paving the way for a more inclusive educational environment.

Welcome to the future of Dyslexia Support, where every child shines!



A 60-minute lesson costs £57.

A 50-minute session is £52.

Some tutors also offer 45-minute lessons at £47. 


Lessons take place weekly in term time. Holiday lessons are optional.


For more information on the company and our terms and conditions, please download our parent handbook.

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