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QB check- ADHD Computerised Screening

We are offering QB check at £150 for clients who have been assessed by Sarah or Cathy or who undertake tuition with us.

The fee is £200 for ‘stand alone’ clients who do not access any of our services. It is suitable for ages 7-adult. 

What is QB Check? 

SJB Assessments Ltd has become a trusted provider of QB Check, a cutting-edge computer-based continuous performance test assessment designed specifically for individuals aged 6 to 60. This revolutionary tool offers a comprehensive screening of core symptoms associated with ADHD, including hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattention/distractibility. 

⏰  The QB Check test is performed on a computer and takes just 15-20 minutes of the client's time. The process is straightforward, and a detailed report is generated upon completion. This comprehensive report along with personalised recommendations, provides teachers and parents with clear guidance on how to manage ADHD and the next steps in assessment. It empowers healthcare professionals with valuable information to guide accurate assessments. 


How does QB Check Work? 

📝 How does QB Check work? This innovative tool utilises a uniquely designed Continuous Performance Test (CPT) to measure two primary symptoms of ADHD: inattention and impulsivity. Hyperactivity is recorded by tracking head movements via the webcam; the student is not recorded during this process. 

🩺 It is important to note that QbCheck is not a standalone diagnostic tool but is a reliable screening tool that is scientifically based. The QBCheck report can support referrals to your GP or a private psychiatrist for further investigation. QbCheck is CE-marked & FDA approved medical device. 

🏥 QbTest, sister technology, is being used widely across many NHS trusts to support the diagnostic process,this shows the trust the NHS has in the technology

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