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Note Eventbrite link does not always work on a mobile so best to book via a computer or email to pay by bacs 


WIAT-III UK for Teachers (WIAT-III UK-T)  £30.00

SASC accredited - 2 hours Core CPD 

This webinar explains how to administer each subtest, how to score each subtest and how to interpret the  results.   


Statistics for Assessors £35.00

 SASC accredited - 3 hours Core CPD 

Available from February 

This webinar covers the meanings of the various statistical terms, how to convert scaled scores to standardised scores and how to calculate confidence bands from the standard error of measurements. In this webinar, we also cover how to understand the significance and prevalence and the various statistical tables within the Wide Range Intelligence Test



Wide Range Achievement Test 5 (WRAT 5) £16.76- recorded

This webinar explains how to administer each subtest, how to score each subtest and how to interpret the results. It also explains how to work out the significance and prevalence of the results.

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Memory strategies for Children with Dyslexia or Specific Learning Difficulties £12.50 - recorded 

 This webinar will explore how to teach memory strategies using games and resources both face to face and online.

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Spelling Strategies for Sight Words £9 - recorded 

This webinar will look at how to teach words which are not phonically regular. During this webinar, a number of multi-sensory strategies will be demonstrated. Providing the delegate with a tool kit of strategies to use based on the student’s individual profile

Math Homework

All about assessment £32 FINISHED - NEW DATE SOON

Live 18th February 

This webinar will cover what you should do to prepare for an assessment and what should be included in the assessment. It will cover taking bookings, communicating with your clients, sending out questionnaires and checklists, preparing your home or office and what test to include for each age-group.

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How to Develop Phonological Awareness in Students £13.52 - recorded

This webinar will explore how to teach phonological awareness using games and resources both face to face and online.


Remote Assessment for Access Arrangements £9.51- recorded

This session will consider:

  • Why might we assess online?

  • How could this be facilitated?

  • What materials could we use?

  • How to ensure reliability.

  • Professional consideration

This course is currently being revised and not available 

Working as an Independent Assessor or Tutor  £12.00- recorded


Are you starting up in private practice? The webinar, "Working as an Independent Assessor or Tutor" will explore the things you need to consider when working as a private assessor or tutor.

These include: Finding customers Insurance; Data protection; Contracts; Costs of setting up' Making your home or office safe; Professional considerations.

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Online Teaching Tips and Techniques £20

This session lasting 2.5 hours looks at activities and methods you can use when teaching online. It is based around the zoom platform and Bitpaper but all ideas can be used on other platforms.  


WRIT Statistics  £5.98

 This is a short session focusing on how to use the various tables within the WRIT manual such as significance, prevalence, subtest scattter etc . It normally forms part of the Statistics for Assesors' Course 

Little asian girl holds her hand near her ear and listening.Disability day.Deaf kid.Exciti

Understanding and Supporting Auditory Processing Disorder ( APD)  £12.50

 This is a short session focusing on what APD is, how to seek a referral and how to support students with the condition.  

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