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We offer a range assessments and screening for schools. Please call us to discuss your individual needs. 

 Dyslexia Screening for Schools 

Dyslexia screening using a range of standardised tests to assess underlying ability, reading, spelling,  phonological processing and memory administered individually and a short report provided £95 per student for groups of 4 or more.  

Full Dyslexia Testing for Schools 

Full dyslexia assessment lasting around 3-3.5 hours plus a full report from £460 depending on location. To reduce costs a summary report can be written instead of the full 20-page report and the total cost is from £300 based on location. 

 We can support SENCos (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators) to set up screening procedures,  Access Arrangments Training, write tuition programmes and help the school meet Dyslexia Friendly status.  

Access Arrangements Testing for Schools

from £55 per pupil.​

Access Arrangements Testing

Sarah is an experienced SpLD Specialist Assessor qualified to complete Access Arrangements. The rates are competitive and we offer a flexible package of services as detailed below:

Group Silver Package

Best Value - from £49 per student

This package starts with group testing at the start of the school day, then follow up 1:1 testing every 30 minutes until the end of the school day.  

This is charged at £495 (for up to 10  students on day one.) This is dependent on all students attending the group testing and a member of staff being available to collect the children on each day.  

A small additional charge is made for the test papers. 

Additional students on the same day are charged at £55 per student.

The form 8s are processed off-site and returned within seven working days.

For groups of less than ten students the Bronze Package is more suitable:

Fee: £75 per head, plus test papers.

Access Arrangements Flier 
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Services for

International Schools

Dyslexia and Dyscalculia Assessments - For International Schools

International Assessment Package

The international package offers a dynamic process where the assessor can come to you and your child. Families often find there are benefits of using the international package rather than travelling to the UK: 

  • Ability to observe your child working in a school setting. 

  • Reduced stress and anxiety for your child being assessed in a known, comfortable environment. 

  • Reduced costs – one person travelling rather than multiple.

  • More efficient, prompt communication between involved parties, such as school teachers and parents.

Taking Notes

Dyslexia and Dyscalculia Assessment - For International Schools

Assessment Includes a full range of underlying ability tests, reading, writing and spelling, cognitive processing tests along with numeracy tests for dyscalculia. For children 10 and under this will take 3 sessions of around 1.5-1.75 hours each.

Once assessment has been completed, a multidisciplinary team meeting will be planned including teachers and parents and this gives the opportunity to all parties involved to feedback the findings and decide best how to support your child.

The Report

The report will be written within 14 working days and sent by PDF on email.


Cost of assessment including the liaison and meetings over three half days £450 each half day

Further Expenses

  • Cost of flights and accommodation from London (economy class) 

  • Cost of additional baggage for transporting tests

  • Cost of travel to and from airport and school UK and abroad 

  • £50 for food expenses per day


Prices above are for one child in a school who requires assessment. If there are other individuals who require an assessment in the same school further expenses can be divided across the families. Please contact us for more details.

Remote Services For International Schools

Inset Training: Dyslexia and SpLd

We offer a range of inset training sessions focusing on dyslexia and specific learning difficulties. 

Explore our Dyslexia and SpLD courses for teachers