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Speech & Language Therapy Services

Do you know about Developmental Language Disorder & its links to Dyslexia?

💡 Approximately 1/14 children have Developmental Language Disorder (DLD).


💡 DLD commonly occurs with Dyslexia (Bishop & Snowling, 2004). It is estimated that 55% of children with Dyslexia have DLD.

Let's Communicate LTD

Let's Communicate LTD is our speech, language and communication provider. They offer a range of services that can support children with speech and language needs (SCLN).  

Diagnostic Assessments

If you are concerned regarding, your child’s speech and language needs. Let’s communicate LTD offer assessments which can diagnose Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) and/or other speech, language or communication concerns. 

Speech and Language Therapy

Let's Communicate LTD offer remote and face-to-face therapy/support services. This can support with language needs (receptive/expressive), stammering, speech sound difficulties, word finding difficulties, memory needs (to name a few). 

Please see their website for pricing.

Group Speech and Language Therapy

New coming 2023

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