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Starter Packs for Teacher and Parents 

These packs are for helping children learn to read and spell. They are ideal for infants or children with a Specific Learning Difficulty who are encountering difficulties with the acquisition of reading. The packs have been designed by an experienced Dyslexia Specialist. Each pack includes:

1. Days of the week circle

2. Months of year cards (laminated)

3. Phonic flash cards (A – Z) (laminated)

4. Consonant digraph cards

5. 100 High frequency words

6. Next 200 High frequency words

7. Wooden alphabet letters

8. Lower case and upper case letter cards

9. Vowels sheet

9. Instructions and guidelines on methods and activities to support the development of reading and spelling

The cards come in a sheet format and will require cutting up before use. The price includes packaging and postage.

Tuition Starter Packs: Printed Version