Access Arrangements Testing 

 Sarah is an experienced SpLD Specialist qualified to complete Access Arrangements. The rates are competitive and we offer a flexible package of services as detailed below:


Access Arrangements-  Group Silver package  ***BEST VALUE*** from £49 per student 

This package starts with group testing at the start of the school day, then follow up 1:1 testing every 30 minutes until the end of the school day.  

This is charged at £495 (for up to 10  students on day one). This is dependent on all students attending the group testing and a member of staff being available to collect the children on each day.  

A small additional charge is made for the test papers. 

Additional students on the same day are charged at £55 per student.

The form 8s are processed off-site and returned within seven working days.   



For groups of less than ten students the Bronze Package is more suitable/ 

Access Arrangements- Bronze package

Fee: £75 per head, plus test papers.



Access Arrangements Flier 

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