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Sarah Beard

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Dyslexia Assessor and Dyslexia Specialist Tutor, Centre Director  

Sarah is the founder and director of DITTAS. She is a Dyslexia Consultant with extensive experience teaching and assessing learners of all ages, having worked for over twenty-five years supporting dyslexic learners, including many years in a College of Further Education. Sarah also lectures locally and nationally on the subject of dyslexia and SpLD and has trained over 300 teachers to become Dyslexia Specialists in teaching and assessing students with SpLD (Dyslexia). She was a joint founder of the PAPAA course, a nationally recognised qualification in assessing Access Arrangements. Sarah offers assessments for all ages and tutors children aged 6-14. She regularly attends training events to supplement her Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and believes that you never stop learning.

Sarah has three dyslexic children of her own (all adults now), so she understands the struggle that parents have with getting their child’s needs recognised. She is passionate about helping dyslexic students and those who support them. When you call DITTAS, Sarah will always be the first person you speak to and is happy to answer any questions you may have.  



Dyslexia Assessor 

APC – Assessor for all ages, including DSA, Workplace and Exam Access Arrangements


Cathy returned to teaching over fiteeen years ago as a result of seeing how learners with SpLDs often struggled to have their difficulties recognised.


She has now been assessing both children and adults for a number of years, including assessing for DSA, Workplace and Exam Access Arrangements. Cathy has conducted many assessments for dittas over a period of eight years and works from a business centre in Croydon.  


Dyslexia Specialist Tutor  


Sally has over 15 years of teaching experience in secondary schools and has worked with children from age 8 to 16 as a private tutor. She is a qualified dyslexia specialist teacher and assessor with a passion for creating personalised learning programmes to suit individual students’ needs and interests.


Sally’s fun and friendly approach enables her to develop students’ literacy skills whilst also building confidence and enjoyment in learning. 



Dyslexia Specialist Tutor and Assessor 

Tara has over 20 years of experience as a primary school teacher. She has held various roles from class teacher to head of school. Tara was inclusion lead for many years and it was in this role she found that she was supporting many children who had dyslexia along with their class teachers.  She is now a full-time private dyslexia tutor and assessor for primary and secondary students.


Sharon has worked in a large secondary school for over 13 years supporting learners with a wide variety of special needs.  She developed a particular interest in working with those with SpLDs and literacy difficulties and is a qualified dyslexia tutor and assessor.  She enjoys working with students and finding activities that they enjoy to enable them to make progress and build their skills and confidence.


Dyslexia Specialist Tutor



Speech and Language Therapist, Founder of Allied Health and Therapies Network  

Francesca is a Speech and Language Therapist who offers Speech and Language Therapy and Speech and Language Assessments. She works in a number of London and Kent schools with children of all ages and has extensive experience in ASD.  

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