We offer a range assessments and screening for schools. Please call us to discuss your individual needs. 

 Dyslexia Screening for Schools 

Dyslexia screening using a range of standardised tests to assess underlying ability, reading, spelling,  phonological processing and memory administered individually and a short report provided £95 per student for groups of 4 or more.  

Full Dyslexia Testing for Schools 

Full dyslexia assessment lasting around 3-3.5 hours plus a full report from £460 depending on location. To reduce costs a summary report can be written instead of the full 20-page report and the total cost is from £360 based on location

Access Arrangements Testing for Schools 




Inset Training: Dyslexia and SpLd

We offer  a range of inset sessions. 



 We can support  SENCos (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators), set up screening procedures,  Access Arrangments Training, Tution programmes and help the school meet Dyslexia Friendly status.  

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